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66 Facets

The secret behind the allure of Brilliant Rose lies in its 66 geometrically precise facets. A breakthrough in the diamond cutting industry, the perfect symmetry of 8 additional facets at its pavilion is mathematically determined to significantly alter the path of light entering the diamond and reflecting an unparalleled brilliance from its core axis.

Triple Excellent Cut

A diamond’s value is ascertained by the 4Cs – Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat, which describe a diamond’s unique characteristics. Three out of the four Cs are destined by nature, making a flawless diamond very valuable. Every Brilliant Rose diamond is graded by the internationally-recognized Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and Brilliant Rose Diamond Laboratory, to affirm its status as a Triple Excellent Cut diamond with flawless grading for Finish, Polish and Symmetry.


A Magnificent Sight

Unparalleled by any other, the brilliance of each Brilliant Rose diamond is clearly visible to the naked eye. This magnificent sight is a testament to its patented 66 facet cut, igniting the diamond’s extraordinary burst of light and colour. Even without apparatus or equipment, the Brilliant Rose diamond promises unequalled brilliance to the ordinary diamond.

Pinnacle of Perfection

Not since the turn of the last century has there been such an innovation in the art and technology of diamond cutting. The Brilliant Rose diamond is the culmination of the perfect union of both, boldly redefining the traditional ideal-cut 58 facet round brilliant diamond. A simple visual comparison with any other round brilliant diamond will let you see the Brilliant Rose’s exceptional fire and brilliance.