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Hallmark of Ownership

Every Brilliant Rose is laser-inscribed at its girdle with a unique identification number only visible under a 10x jeweller’s loupe. This hallmark is proof of authenticity and ownership of your Brilliant Rose diamond.

Dual Certification

Graded by the Brilliant Rose Registry and internationally-recognized Gemological Institute of America (GIA), your Brilliant Rose diamond comes with two certificates stating its cut, colour, clarity, carat weight as well as the exact measurements of your Brilliant Rose.

Iconic Setting

The Brilliant Rose diamond is embraced in an 18-karat gold ring setting and each piece is beautifully customised to accommodate individual size and shape. A ring is painstakingly hand finished and polished; a throne ready to receive the crowning of its majestic Brilliant Rose diamond.

The most iconic of all is the BR Grandeur, an opulent ring setting style which sets off the exceptional Brilliant Rose in full glory. The prongs are designed to securely hold and elegantly lift the Brilliant Rose diamond into the light, creating the signature dance of visual brilliance.