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Rosace De Paris

Within the heart of Paris stands the historically intriguing Notre Dame Cathedral. Inspiring thousands of people every year, the foundation was first laid by Bishop Maurice de Sully and King Louise IX in the early 12th century. Completed 200 years later, this magnificent church has weathered monarchies, revolutions, civil unrest and multiple restorations. And within this beauty sits the Rosace stained glass window. As the light shines through this masterpiece, a lustrous rainbow of colour beams down in a blaze of brilliance transforming the gothic darkness into a kaleidoscope of divinity.

Awed by the evocative beauty and spectacular dance of sunglow through the Rosace, artisans Simon Levi and Avraham Namdar took inspiration and created the extraordinary Brilliant Rose diamond in 1996.

A Brilliant Dream

This captivating sight inspired the makers of the Brilliant Rose diamond to try to change the conventional cut of the ordinary diamond, in order to achieve a more symmetric design. In pursuit of maximum brilliance, master craftsmen added an additional 8 perfectly symmetrical facets to the pavilion of the diamond, perfecting the Brilliant Rose diamond.

Elitist Acclaim

In today’s world of mass production, the desire for a truly exceptional handcrafted masterpiece remains strong. Exacting standards set by so many but met by so few, mean that the hand crafted and polished Brilliant Rose is unarguably the world’s most ethereal diamond.