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Our Obsession

Captivatingly brilliant, the purest gemstone found on earth deserves to distinguish itself among all others. Here at Brilliant Rose, our obsession to showcase the finest diamonds leads us to secure the choicest roughs. Yet only a handpicked few are extraordinary enough to be bestowed the cut of ultimate brilliance, becoming a Brilliant Rose diamond.

Inspired by the Rosace window in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the Brilliant Rose manifests the sparkle and incredible vision of the Rosace. Set in perfect symmetry of 8 additional facets, an illuminating pavilion and a revolutionary radiance. Just as the Rosace, this beautifully cut diamond will withstand a lifetime and more.

Only The Best

Each and every Brilliant Rose diamond goes through a dedicated, stringent selection process to determine its suitability. Beginning from the rough selection, only 1 out of 15 rough diamonds have the technical features to become a Brilliant Rose, to ensure the flawless cut of its distinct 66 facets. When the diamond is at its finishing stage, the symmetry of the pavilion facets are tested again. The numerous selection and examination processes are essential to produce the Brilliant Rose, a testament to the cut of ultimate brilliance.

Made with Passion

The makers of the Brilliant Rose diamond put together over 30 years of experience in the field of diamonds, to discover and develop the breakthrough cut. With passion and determination, the arduous process of its inception was fuelled by their passion and commitment. The result of that relentless effort remains held in admiration and cherished for generations, with each Brilliant Rose diamond.

Master Artisans

The rigorous demand of skill and artistry required to shape the Brilliant Rose means only the most experienced master diamond cutters can craft the magnificent Brilliant Rose. Devoting years of research and countless experimental trials to their craft, every master artisan at Brilliant Rose is tirelessly dedicated to the art of shaping the ultimate diamond sparkling more brilliantly than any other ideal cut diamond.

Exceptional Beauty

Our obsession for perfection leads to the rejection of many ‘paper perfect’ diamonds, sending them for re-cutting to meet our strict standard. The exceptional few that qualify transcend to become a Brilliant Rose diamond. Peerless and exquisite, they are quite simply a cut above the rest, a paragon of beauty.