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When a diamond is cut to precise proportions and the facets are angled perfectly, light undergoes a magical transformation as it enters the diamond, refracts across the facets and blazes out in a fiery explosion of spectacular color.


The presence of gases during the formation of a diamond affects its colour. Colour is graded according to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) scale starting from the letter D for colourless through to Z. The closer to colourless, the brighter a diamond will appear making such diamonds rare and highly prized. Brilliant Rose diamonds are of grade H or better, guaranteeing the purest and brightest light dispersion.


Impurities are trapped within a diamond as they are formed naturally under tremendous pressure. Referred to as “inclusions”, they block the path of light within the diamond, causing less light dispersion and brilliance. GIA grades a diamond’s clarity from IF for Internally Flawless to I3 for eye visible imperfections. The lesser and smaller these inclusions, the more valuable a diamond is.


Carat size refers to the weight of a diamond. Brilliant Rose diamonds are always cut to maximize beauty, not weight, hence sacrificing a significant amount of diamond rough in the process.